iBuild.PH Webhosting Services

Affordable and dependable web hosting provider in the Philippines - from shared hosting, domain registration to enterprise hosting. iBuild.PH Web Hosting Philippines offers Linux web hosting with the following plans: standard basic shared (Starter Plans) and premium corporate (Business and Enterprise) plans. We downstream from strategic data center locations from the United States (U.S.), Europe, and Asia. This way, you get to choose the best data center location during signup and are guaranteed the nearest, ideal geographic location for your websites and target visitors.


Web Hosting Starter Plans

The Starter Hosting Plans are ideal for small to medium, personal, individual blogs, portfolios, and business websites. Business startups are guaranteed web hosting with the most suitable specifications that are easy to upgrade or downgrade as needed.

As our first-tiered plans, we take pride in offering you customized, fit-the-budget yet flexible plans for your small and mid-sized web hosting requirements. These accommodate static websites as well as small to mid-sized WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla websites.