PH Property Pro Property Management Consulting and Real Estate Services, Philippines

PH Property Pro is the Philippines’ first real estate service provider focused on Business-to-Business (B2B) and Commercial real estate. It deals primarily with property repair and maintenance, insurance, bank loan assistance, brokerage, marketing, selling, lease and rental, and valuation and appraisal.

Optical Media Board (OMB), Office of the President, Republic of the Philippines

The Optical Media Board (OMB), under the Office of the President, Republic of the Philippines, is the renamed Videogram Regulatory Board (VRB) assigned to regulate the manufacture of optical media in all its forms and impose stiffer fines and penalties for its illegal reproduction.

Media Specialists Association of the Philippines (MSAP) and Confluence Media Congress 2015

The Media Specialists Association of the Philippines (MSAP) is a duly recognized non-stock and non-profit organization under the Securities and Exchange Commission. Incorporated in 2009, the Association’s members hail from various Media agencies and individual practitioners. The website featured Confluence: Media Congress 2015, an annual congress bringing together a host of media specialist organizations, groups, individuals and practitioners from all over.

U.S. Embassy Club (USEC)

The US Embassy Club (USEC) microsite features a basic club portfolio of its charity and for non-profit activities. It showcases a registration page for participants interested in joining its activities. USEC's charity events include annual shopping day bazaar, golf charity tournament, field and educational visits, hospital and charitable institution visits.


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