iBuild.PH - a proud partner of the Energy Efficiency Day 2022, Philippines

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iBuild.PH - a proud partner of the Energy Efficiency Day 2022, Philippines

iBuild.PH is privileged to be one of the main event partners for the upcoming Energy Efficiency Day 2022, Philippines which will take place on April 20-21 2022 thru an online event conference.

About the event

The Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance Inc (PE2) proudly presents this year's ENERGY EFFICIENCY DAY 2022: ENERGY TRANSITION's FIRST FUEL

Listen to EE visionaries, thought leaders, and luminaries from the government on the latest on climate finance, EE policy, ESCOs, third-party investments, sustainable cooling, digitalization, and innovative technologies.

Following the successful and well attended inaugural EE Day last year, this annual event will mark the third anniversary of the enactment of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C) Act, and hopes to engage more energy end-users in the transformation of the Philippine economy towards an energy-efficient and low carbon future.

Last year’s event saw a multitude of organizations and companies from the private, non-profit, and government sectors gathered to work hand in hand for the energy efficiency initiatives of the country.

Join us as we bring you the country’s energy visionaries about their future plans as well as explore methods to stimulate growth in our energy sector. Let's work towards an energy-efficient and low-carbon future!


iBuild.PH supporting the event

iBuild.PH is a key partner for the event responsible mainly for supporting the digital promotion of the event thru web design, social media marketing, and online technical support. Other event partners include Cloud Events of Malaysia, and sponsors Climargy, Concepcion-Carrier Industries, Shell, EP Group, Stratcon, Meralco, Hi-Cool, UGEP, Westco to name a few. 

EE Day 2022 Philippines partners and sponsors

The conference will invite acknowledged experts to provide an overview of the different thematic and technology areas to focus on: Climate Finance and EE Policy, Sustainable Cooling, ESCOs, and Third-Party EE Investments, and Digitalization and Innovative EE Tech.

To register and learn more about this event please visit the conference website at https://www.pe2.org/energy-efficiency-day

We hope to see you there!