Pet iChip Animal ID Management System with BIO-THERMO® microchip

Online pet system

Plaridel Products and Services has re-designed and re-launched the website and online database of its Pet iChip Animal ID Management System last October 2019. 

The website designed and migrated to Drupal from WordPress involved an efficient process of transferring the content ensuring data and content integrity. The website has been designed, controlled and tested to be friendly for social media postings, search-engine optimized, speed performance and resilient to spam. In fact, the website will prove to be more search engine friendly, visible and web standards compliant.

The new web design showcases a minimalistic, lean but a very engaging design and features specific to client requirements. The online system showcases an efficient registration of clients for its pet and animal identification system. It also features a basic to advanced search, management and retrieval of information both for user clients and system administrators and maintainers.

PET iCHIP is a small electronic identification system designed to permanently identify or "tag" your pets. The microchip utilizes the RFID (radio frequency identification device) technology that reads the ID number through radio frequency. PET iCHIP uses an ISO 11784/11785 numbering protocol. ISO numbering protocol is a system of identification prescribed by members of the International Committee on Animal Recording, conforming to all international regulations.

This is the second successful project of iBuild.PH with the client. View the website and learn more about the products and services here -

  • Wordpress migration to Drupal
  • Online pet and animal system and database