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i-Build.PH offers search engine optimization (SEO), online promotion and visibility services to companies from small to medium enterprises looking for low-cost yet effective SEO services. Our web development standards include employing effective and best practices of On-Page SEO to deliver search engine-optimized websites guaranteed to increase search visibility among major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! among others.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Early, Successful Projects and Case Studies Still No. 1!

By admin / On Feb.28.2013 / In SEO

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i-Build SEO Philippines, as part of its standard and best practices in web design and web development, is ensuring that every website project is SEO compliant and has strong search visibility factors. The earliest efforts seen was the optimization efforts done on the following early projects - successful keyword and geo-targetted SEO projects successfully deployed!

These were projects done years ago, around 2012, yet still holds the top spots of the first page search results in Google!

Printers for Rent

Website Name: Printers for Rent

Website URL / Domain:

Targetted keywords and terms: printer/s for rent, printer rental/s 

Geo targetting: Philippines, Metro Manila, Manila 


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