WordPress Word Camp 2015 is coming to Cape Town in September!

By admin / On Aug.25.2015 / In News WordPress WordCamp

Watch the 2014 WordPress Word Camp in action!

Word Camp 2015, the much-awaited and official WordPress global conference is coming to Cape Town, South Africa on September 10 and 11! To learn more, please visit the official WordCamp website at

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Drupal 8, exciting times ahead!

By admin / On Aug.25.2015 / In Drupal News Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is currently being released in its beta versions primarily for testing and feedback. This long awaited initiative is involves the generous participation and volunteer work of over two thousand developers and people who have contributed thousands of committed patches for the alpha releases, as well as contributors who continuously fixes "beta blocker" issues.

And like thousands of Drupalistas worldwide, we are very eager and excited with the rollout being made with the developments with Drupal 8!

To learn more of the new rich and exciting features in Drupal 8, see's Drupal 8 landing page -

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i-Build.PH Partners with Manila Workshops for WordPress Seminar in Entrepreneurship Webinar Series

By admin / On Jul.02.2015 / In News Training Seminars WordPress

i-Build.PH Web Design, Development, Webhosting and SEO, Philippines in partnership with Manila Workshops is inviting you to a series of entrepreneurship seminars entitled Enter Entrepreneurs for those into the digital business.

The webinar series is kicking off with a WordPress topic where i-Buid.PH is providing for the topics. The WordPress topics are geared towards entrepreneurs that are: (WordPress) website owners,  already managing and administering a WP site, or simply entrepreneurs who are willing and interested to learn WordPress for their digital and online initiatives.

Complete list and schedule of very good, practical topics are found below. You can register here -

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SEO in Actual Works for i-Build Manila, Philippines, Now on Google First Page After a Mere 2 Weeks!

By admin / On Jun.30.2015 / In SEO News

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SEO in actual works for i-Build.PH! From 2 weeks ago our own, new re-designed and deployed website is ranking way low in Google search (10th page or so). Two weeks of optimization efforts (2 weeks being a breakthrough in SEO standards) takes us now to a contending spot on the first page! ...and we're still working for the top spot! 

i-Build.PH SEO Philippines employs whitehat search promotion and visibility techniques and strategies. We highly consider the value of good, quality content, layout and design, mobile and responsive web theme and templates, among other best practices in the SEO industry - major requirements by major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! to properly index and promote your website.

Let us help you in making your businesses and services be found in the internet. Contact us now!

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What is a Static or Dynamic website?

By admin / On Sep.08.2014 / In News

Static and Dynamic websites are terms that you will encounter a lot in the business of web design and development. These are basically the two main approaches when building a website for your business.

Static simply means that the information or 'code' that makes up the website doesn't change, and they can be built more cost-effectively than dynamic websites.

Static web sites are crafted to work more like a printed document and to be referred to on the web. You will find a lot of brochure sites are constructed this way, and it is not a bad thing as there is so much more that can be done with the design and optimisation that is sometimes just not possible with a dynamic website.

Dynamic means that the data or content can change 'dynamically'.

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