Field Power Generator Enterprises Philippines launches new website

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Our client, Field Power Generator Enterprises, re-launches a new web design prepped for search visibility and a leaner and cleaner look and presentation of its roster of power generator products Diesel Generator Sets, Containerized generators, Trailer and Light Tower Gas Generators, Electrical Control Systems (ECS), Alternators and generator spare parts.

The client’s team is composed of highly skilled engineers and technicians with comprehensive knowledge and exhaustive experience in power gensets, generator set installations, repairs, and maintenance.

For more information, please visit:

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Printers for Rent still dominating the number one spot on Google Search results after a decade of SEO with iBuild.PH

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  • SEO online seminar, webinar, DICT Philippines
  • SEO online seminar, webinar, DICT Philippines
  • SEO online seminar, webinar, DICT Philippines
  • SEO online seminar, webinar, DICT Philippines
  • SEO online seminar, webinar, DICT Philippines
  • SEO online seminar, webinar, DICT Philippines

It had been almost a decade ago when we first partnered and provided our web design, development, and search optimiztion services to Printers for Rent (registered as AffordaInk). Back then, both AffordaInk and iBuild.PH were fledging businesses out to explore (and conquer) their respective industries and market. Since then, both businesses, have mutually grown and are continually nurturing the partnership fondly grown and developed over the years! 

From the initial version of the website design deployed (the company has now undergone two major website re-design and development with us), up to the current website version, we have constantly monitored its search performance both on desktop and mobile (especially on mobile these days), and are proud and privileged to say we are constantly successful in maintaining its number one search ranking on almost all search target keywords and objectives.

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GCUV Law poised to rank in major search engines!

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iBuild.PH SEO, Web Solutions and Services is privileged to partner with GCUV Law Offices with its efforts to improve its online visibility and search engine optimization (SEO). 

As part of the SEO project, the website will undergo aggressive on-page SEO, keyword research, and other SEO initiatives that will set itself to rank in major search engines, including Google Search and Bing, amidst the highly-competitive niche of the law practice and the legal industry. Alongside SEO, the website shall also undergo UX, UI, and design improvements to increase traffic, visitor engagement and conversion. 

iBuild.PH SEO Philippines has a solid, proven track record of successful SEO projects both local and overseas/outsourced projects.

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UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission launches new, revamped website

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Last October 12, 2020, UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) has launched its new, revamped website. The newly re-designed website reflects the IOC's long-standing status, commitment, and initiatives of a modern, fast-paced, cross-disciplinary and delivery-focused organization. The unveiling of its new digital home aims to signal the commitment of the IOC Secretariat to continuously reinvent itself to promote and enhance ocean science for sustainable ocean management.

iBuild.PH Web Solutions and Services is privileged to have been part of this website re-design initiative from inception to deployment.

You may visit the IOC website and learn more about its activities at

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Climargy introduces new website to more effectively reach and convey their energy efficiency core services to the market.

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iBuild.PH Web Design and Solutions is proud to share the announcing of the launch of Climargy website. Climargy, with office in commercial area near Ortigas in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, is an energy efficiency specialist investment and development company dedicated to structuring and funding tailored infrastructure upgrades to help its clients improve power and energy management and reduce energy costs. It targets the energy industry markets in Asia, and established to develop fully-financed energy management upgrades for commercial and industrial (C&I) clients in priority growth markets in the ASEAN region.

The new website showcases a clean and lean design that focuses on the careful and purposeful positioning of the important elements throughout the website. The design is a collaborative effort of both the client and iBuild.PH.

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